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Mary Ann Hall created Music For Children™ in 1973. As a Master Degreed early childhood educator from the University of Michigan, Mary Ann's creative curriculum empowers children from birth to age 14, and develops their self esteem and learning skills. Our music school brings the joy of music to your child in his/her world of imaginative play.  All aspects of music found at a conservatory level – rhythm, beat, harmony, melody, reading music, writing music – are incorporated into each class at the appropriate level for each child.

This is a sequential music program with each week building upon the weeks previous. There will be familiar “Ritual Songs” that even the littlest of children learn to anticipate as well as HUNDREDS of new songs learned throughout the year! Tons of instruments for little hands and rhythm reading right away!



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Meet Molly

Our Program Instructor

All classes are led by Molly Schwarz, an experienced, highly trained music educator, who sings, plays guitar, and plays piano in every class. 


In 2000, while living in New York City, Molly began to study under master teacher Mary Ann Hall. Sure she had found her calling, she went on to teach her classes in NYC as well as in Connecticut, San Diego, and most recently opening her own branch in Hood River. In addition to teaching, Molly has had an active career in theater, sketch comedy and improv. In teaching this program, she feels so fortunate to be able to combine her love of music with her complete love and respect for children.

It’s like the most fun playgroup ever with live guitar, singing and piano in every class.

Contact us  |  Tel: 541-716-1115

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